Singapore Interior Design Awards (SIDA) 2020

10 Dec 2020

Seven projects from the Diploma in Interior Design students and alumni were shortlisted and awarded gold, silver, bronze & honorary mention respectively at the Singapore Interior Design Awards (SIDA) 2020 on 03 Dec 2020.

The event is organised by SIDS (Society of Interior Designers Singapore). It aims to elevate the standards and profiles of interior designers regionally and around the globe. It is the only leading interior design awards programme in Singapore to be recognised and endorsed by the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) and the Design Singapore Council (DSG).

We attained 7 recognitions in 5 different categories! A big thank you & congratulations to all the winners!

SIDA Youth Category: List of DID Winners


The design intent of the Hampton Scheme is to create an elegant and soft atmosphere using a neutral colour palette combined with blue highlights. The neutral background gives a soothing look to the interior while the blue highlights found on the soft furnishings and finishes creates a coastal feel within the space. The space is planned in a straightforward way from public to private. 




Natalie Lau Bronze Prize Presentation

Rough Trade is a vinyl records store that seeks to be an exclusive, hidden gem for the community of alternative rock fans and collectors of vintage vinyl and gig posters. Located within the Gilman Barracks area known for boasting an artistic and trendy cultural vibe, this retail space goes against mainstream understanding of music experience. The retail store will be a gathering place where people share, appreciate and immerse themselves in the era of vinyl. 




Natalie Lau Prize Presentation

Hospitality design - Honorary mention [Project. Villa Luxe]

The design for this luxury beachfront villa located in Phuket is inspired by its surrounding environment. It draws upon motifs of curves and circles to imitate the movement and rhythm of crashing waves from the ocean. The result is a contemporary and elegant design that evokes a sense of luxury. 





Alice Lim Prize Presentation To design a rejuvenation hub base on bio morphosis and to take advantages of its unique location. The design features heavily on natural lighting which impacts the interactive elements of the facade and the private pods. The overall design would engage different senses to bring a holistic experience to users.





I intend to design a space using the principles of biophilic design and biomimicry. Focus on nature in the space. Design an office for botanist at the selected site. The space biomimicry as a garden with the ideation of lotus shape that is able to biomorph to become a structure. With self-sustainable program that interact with the users.




The concept is about redefining the typologies in a typical Peranakan house and translating the important Peranakan motifs into an interactive spatial experience. Through visual study of motifs and curation of artefacts such as nyonya-ware and handicraft over a certain time-period, interesting characteristics of each motif will be identified and translated into interactive and spatial qualities within rooms specifically designed to showcase their purpose. 





Ng Yu Bing Prize Presentation

This project is about a shophouse located on Joo Chiat Road that sells tea as well as provides activities such as family yoga and tea experience workshop. The retail store is targeted towards working adults as well as parents with young children, to help them to understand more about the benefits of tea, yoga and healthy lifestyle. This store would introduce a variety of tea types to customers and allow them to learn about the benefits of each. The main retail space is on the second floor. Customers are able to view the different types of tea leaves through the glass cubes displayed on the wall where they can also smell the aroma of the leaves while walking by. The shape of the display cubes is inspired by the shape of tea bags to better visually connect with the product sold.

*Link to award Presentation from SIDS > Video link