DCEB Students' awarded CD Lionhearter Study Bursary 2014


Lim Zhe Xuan, Jayden

Diploma in Civil Engineering with Business




Jayden was “drafted” into the SP CD Lionhearter Club during his first year in ABE after he was introduced to the club activities and events by a DCEB senior and club committee.

This was in 2012 and The Rest as They Say is History……

From that year on, his enthusiasm and contributions to the SP CD Lionhearter Club grew stronger and more intense. Some see this is a sign of natural progression.

Through the years, he participated, volunteered and enjoyed the activities and opportunities offered by the club to the point now that he “pays forward” by driving these to the young and up-coming club members.

His progression was from a club member to committee member and current President of the SP CD Lionhearter Club.


A list activities that he had a role or participated in includes the following:

Singapore Global Fire Fighters & Paramedics Challenge; National Champion Team (Institution Category).

Engagement with Chairman of Home Team Volunteers Network A/P Ho Peng Kee in a morning run activity.

Community Emergency Preparedness Programme (CEPP) in Singapore Polytechnic as a participant.

SCDF Workplan Seminar 2013‏‏ at ITE College East as volunteer to manage the activities at the SCDF Tremorlator booth.

 SCDF Workplan Seminar cum Community Bonding Day 2013‏‏ participant

Home Team Festival 9 Nov 2013 as a participant

 Mercy Relief Fund Raising

 SCDF Civil Defence Lionhearter Forum as a participant

SP-CD Lionhearter Club Committee Member as Publicity Secretary 2013

SP-CD Lionhearter Club President 2014

On 16 April 2014, Jayden Lim was awarded the 2013 City Gas – CD Lionhearter Study Bursary. This award is given every year to Lionhearter Club members in recognition of their invaluable contributions to their club.


Second from left, Jayden is featured here with his team mates for the Singapore Global Fire Fighters & Paramedics Challenge.

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