Earlier this year, SPirit last reported that two SP civil engineering graduates from Class of 2011 published a paper in an international scientific journal. Hot on their heels are two fresh SP graduates from The Diploma in Environmental Management and Water Technology (DEWT) who published a journal paper in the international Journal of Water Sustainability (Vol. 1, Issue 3, Dec. 2011: 313- 322).


Kenneth Lim (right) and Daphne Low (left) with their Lecturer, Dr Handojo Djati Utomo, who was holding the published research paper (middle) during 2012 graduation ceremony.

Daphne Low and Kenneth Lim, together with their lecturer Dr Handojo Djati Utomo, published the paper titled “Correlation between Turbidity and Total Suspended Solids in Singapore Rivers”. The paper was a result of compilation of three years of class assignments in Water Supply module that culminated in a poster presentation contest at the 4th International Conference on Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering in Taiwan in 2011. Thereafter, they were invited to propose a full journal article for publication in the Journal which was founded by University of Technology, Sydney and the Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology. After peer review and amendments, the paper was finally published

As research papers in international journals are usually published only by university professors or post graduate students, SP students have scored a major coup for having published papers in three international journals.

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