The AUPE Multi-purpose Co-operative helps union members who are in need of financial assistance. It operates on the Co-operative concept of mutual help and assistance where members pool their limited individual savings to help each other.

AUPE Co-op's members who are public employees, are disallowed, by their service contracts, to borrow money without enough security or pledges, etc. However, this does not apply to co-operative societies. The AUPE Co-op was formed to make it possible and easy for its members to obtain financial assistance when the need arises.

The Co-operative also helps members to maximise their earnings from savings with us. We pay a higher rate of interest on members' fixed deposits compared to other commercial institutions.

It is an important source of funds particularly for low and middle income employees.

The AUPE Multi-purpose Co-operative is affiliated to the Singapore National Co-operative Federation Limited (SNCF)

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AUPE Multi-Purpose Co-operative Ltd  
    Wisma AUPE  
    Level 3  
    295 Upper Paya Lebar Road  
    Singapore 534929  
    Tel : 6280 8033  
    Fax : 6280 0854