AUPE HQ Wisma AUPE 295 Upper Paya Lebar Road Singapore 534929 Republic of Singapore
The Amalgamated Union of Public Employees (AUPE) is the largest union of public employees in Singapore. It has a membership of over 18,000 employees from the civil service and more than 25 statutory boards.

AUPE was founded on 26 September1959 with the motto, “Unity and Strength through United Action” by the late Mr G. Kandasamy and other pioneers. The union seeks to protect the rights of employees in the public sector and engages the employers in the public sector in collective bargaining on wages and terms and conditions of employment for its members. It also provides individual as well as group grievance handling services for its members.

AUPE is a non-profit making organization which depends mainly on subscriptions from its members and revenue generating activities of its sisters organizations such as AUPE Multi-purpose Co-operative Society Ltd, AUPE General Services Co-operative Ltd and AUPE Sports & Recreation Club.

AUPE is an affiliate of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and it adopts and endorses fully the objectives of the NTUC.

AUPE works hand-in-hand with NTUC to promote skills upgrading, productivity growth, cultural development and a healthy lifestyle. Together with the other unions, it supported the NTUC in setting up quality and affordable recreational facilities for employees in Singapore. AUPE maintains close links with public sector trade unions in other countries through affiliation with the Public Services International. It participates in international meetings, study missions and exchange visits with other unions.