To unite all workers eligible for membership into one comprehensive industrial union.

To promote good industrial relations between workmen and employers.

To provide legal assistance for members in matters connected with their employment

To try and formulate a scheme for the payment of certain money benefits at the death of members.

To affiliate with, subscribe to or assist any other organization having objects similar to the Union.

To obtain pension rights for members not at present eligible and to protect the existing retiring benefits of its members.

To publish and issue a journal which shall be controlled, edited and published by the Executive Council at such time or times as it deems advisable.

To carry into execution any purpose which, in the opinion of the Executive Council, is reasonably ancillary, incidental to or consequential on any of the objects herein set forth.

To foster the spirit of solidarity, service, brotherhood co-operation and mutual help among the workers.

To imbue in the workers a sense of responsibility towards the community and the State.

To develop in the workers, a working class consciousness, transcending all racial barriers.

To achieve the raising of productivity for the benefit of workmen, employers and the economy of Singapore.

To promote and operate any co-operative scheme or industrial or commercial undertaking as the Executive Council may decide, subject to any relevant provision of the laws of Singapore governing the utilisation of Union funds.