Who can be a union member?

Everyone in the Singapore Polytechnic.

What is the difference between Ordinary and General Branch Membership?

The Union represents Ordinary Branch members in wage negotiations and workplace issues. However, General Branch members do not have such representation rights but they enjoy the same social benefits, e.g NTUC Fairprice rebates, NTUC Card, chalets, access to Golf privileges and NTUC Club facilities.

Can a contract staff join the Union?

Yes, you can join AUPE as an Ordinary Branch member if you are a non-academic staff or General Branch member if you are an Academic Staff, Administrative or Professional staff.

AUPE Benefits

Can we claim hospitalisation benefit for childbirth?

You are eligible for hospitalization benefits as long as you are warded in a hospital. The hospitalisation benefits are $30 for the first 10 days and $40 thereafter. In addition, you may claim $20 per day when warded in hospital for upto 365 days in a calendar year if you are also a member of the AUPE Multi-purpose Co-operative.

Where and when can I apply for study awards for my children?

The announcement will be made in the AUPE newsletter, "The Public Employee Journal". Application forms will be made available online at the AUPE website . You may also approach the branch committee members for the application form.

What are the requirements for the study awards?

The main considerations are per capita family income, exam results, and no other study awards from other sources.

How much can I borrow from the AUPE Multi-purpose Co-operative?

You have to be a member of the AUPE Multi-purpose Co-operative before you can deposit savings or apply for loans The maximum amount for loans depends on several conditions. You may approach the counter staff or call 64328166 – 8171 for more details.

What is SLF Gift Plus? Is it for members only?

It is a group insurance benefit that covers Ordinary and General branch members for death and permanent total disability. Automatic renewal of the SLF Gift Plus is done yearly. The following conditions apply:

a. Members must have at least six months of continuous membership to be eligible for claims;

b. only one claim is allowed; and

c. Members must be actively and physically at work at the point when they are eligible for coverage i.e. members must not be on no pay leave or medical leave at the time of claim


The premium for the benefit is jointly paid by the Union and the Singapore Labour Foundation.


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What is the NTUC card?

The NTUC Card is a magnetic stripe card that allows cardholders to earn and redeem LinkPoints at NTUC Fairprice and other participating merchants. It is also used as proof of Union membership.

Can I apply for a Supplementary NTUC Card for my family members?

No. We do not issue supplementary NTUC Cards.

When will the new NTUC Card expire?

No. There is no expiry date.

Is there an annual card fee?

The annual fee for participating in the LinkPoints programme is 500 LinkPoints. This is deducted from the accumulated number of LinkPoints you have at the end of a calendar year. If you have insufficient LinkPoints, you will not be required to top up the difference in cash and the outstanding amount will not be carried forward to the next year.

What is the LinkPoints programme?

The LinkPoints programme is a customer-benefits programme for NTUC Cardholders. With the NTUC Card, you can earn and redeem LinkPoints when you shop or dine at hundreds of the participating merchants' outlets in Singapore.

Where can I earn LinkPoints?

You can earn LinkPoints whenever you shop at any of the participating merchants' outlets, identified with the Link signages. An updated listing can be found in the Blast! brochure and the NTUC Link website. The LinkPoints may only be made to cardholders who make the purchase(s) personally at the point-of-sale.

How can I redeem the LinkPoints?

When you present your NTUC Card at any of the participating merchants' redemption counter, the amount of LinkPoints required for redemption are deducted from your card. The transaction is recorded on the NETS transaction receipt.

When will the LinkPoints expire?

The LinkPoints earned in a calendar year will expire on the 31 December of that year. However, cardholders are given an additional six months' grace period. NTUC Link may from time to time, amend the validity period of the LinkPoints. LinkPoints not redeemed by the expiry date shall automatically expire.