Chasing dreams

26 Mar 2017

Diploma in Food Science & Technology (DFST) student, Magdalene Tan, first became interested in the food manufacturing industry when she was 13. Her thirst for knowledge in this area eventually led her to apply for an internship at Massey University, New Zealand.

There, she shadowed a researcher from the Department of Food Technology working on a project involving the preparation and characterisation of soy protein isolate gels. And it was also then that she discovered SP's Food Science & Technology curriculum helped equip her with readily applicable skill sets during the internship.

For instance, they were required to use a special type of analyser to measure the properties of the soy products. "Our supervisor was surprised to know that we have received training on its operation back in SP," said Magdalene.

The BASF Scholar is looking to further her education in NUS, pursuing a degree in Food Science & Technology. She eventually hopes to help develop interventions to combat public health concerns and support nutritional needs through her research.

We are glad that you enjoyed your internship and applied your learning beyond SP, Magdalene! All the best in chasing your dreams!

The article was first published on SP Facebook.