He finds path life after father's death

02 Feb 2017

The New Paper, 1 Feb 2017 - Article featured SP’s Diploma in Nutrition, Health & Wellness (DNHW) first-year student Daryl Lim who is one of the 74 recipients for the SP scholarship. He first entered the science stream in Pioneer Junior College, but did not do well enough and was retained. He then switched to the arts stream and took up ballet as he had been interested in dance since secondary school. While he enjoyed ballet, he did not meet the criteria to get promoted to the second year of JC, and had to drop out. He decided to do national service (NS) first since he was not sure of what he could excel in academically. Towards the end of NS, his father had to undergo surgery due to the cancerous tumour. Daryl was inspired to be a physiotherapist after being amazed by the skills and service of a team of specialised nurses who cared for his father. He was also inspired to be a physiotherapist after his friends told him that there was no specialised treatment for dance injuries. After his father’s death in 2015, Daryl enrolled in SP’s DNHW because it covers topics related to both exercise and nutrition that would be useful in his future career. He shared that he has more motivation in what he is doing now because he has a clear direction. SP’s DNHW course chair Dr Carol Leung described him as a proactive student who has volunteered for community health projects and the school’s outreach activities.