He scored more than 20 points for O levels but worked hard in Poly

20 Mar 2017

Shin Min Daily News, 18 Mar 2017 - Article featured SP’s Diploma in Biotechnology student Don Loi Xu who was awarded the A*STAR scholarship and Model Student Award recently. He shared how his childhood love for movies such as Spiderman and Superman got him interested in genetic manipulation. However, he neglected his studies in secondary school and ended up with more than 20 points for his prelims. He saw it as a wake-up call and decided to work extra hard for his O levels in order to enter SP’s Diploma in Biotechnology. In SP, Don learnt of the ‘clinical scientist’ occupation and realized that he is passionate about it. Don also had the opportunity to intern at A*STAR and was awarded a scholarship subsequently. Just a few days before Don embarked on his internship, his mother passed away suddenly due to cardiac arrest and he contemplated giving up the internship opportunity. However, with the support of his father, friends and lecturers, Don went through the internship and thoroughly enjoyed it. Don hopes to create new drugs for the field of cardiology in future.