Biomedical Science graduate entering NUS Medicine

01 Oct 2021

Congratulations to our Diploma in Biomedical Science (DBS) graduates Winnie Win Khine Yi, Low Chen Ee and Lim Zong Qing.

Winnie Win Khine Yi (DBS Class of 2021)

It all started with a thirst to feed her curiosity on the inner workings of the human body and her ambition to be the family’s walking biology encyclopaedia.

The knowledge and experiences gained from the Diploma in Biomedical Science and her internship at A*STAR’s Diagnostic Development Hub, inspired Winnie to consider a career in the frontline of healthcare.

Winnie shared that she enjoyed learning about the human body in health and diseases in her favourite clinical chemistry module. And that working on a COVID-19 test kit during her internship made her realised the positive impact scientific research has on the real world. She was extremely hearten to see her colleagues work extra hard for the benefit of the community during the pandemic.

Winnie has been accepted to read Medicine at the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. She hopes to be able to bring relief and comfort to those in pain, and hold her patients’ hands in their roads to recovery.

Low Chen Ee (DBS Class of 2019)

As the only child, Chen Ee and his father were the primary caregivers for his mother. Throughout the caregiving, he realized that his lack of clinical knowledge led to mistakes that may have caused unnecessary pain and suffering to his mother. Chen Ee's mother passed away from cancer during his second year of the study.

The experience motivated Chen Ee’s decision to pursue medicine as he wanted to prevent similar caregiving incidences by providing advice and guidance to other patients and caregivers.

Chen Ee graduated with a Diploma in Biomedical Science in 2019. He stated that the intensity of the diploma's curriculum prepared him well technically and practically for the internship program at the National Cancer Centre’s Cancer Genetics Laboratory. Under the guidance of his laboratory mentors and lecturers, he was able to independently plan and conduct his own experiments. His work contributed to several publications of the laboratory.

To gain an understanding of the healthcare sector and to give back to what he believed in, Chen Ee job shadowed doctors and volunteered actively at a hospice. This is what he has to say;

“It was difficult having to watch patients confront their mortality as it reminded me of my mother. I learnt humility and had a greater sense of appreciation towards life.

Patients may be nearing the end of life and the best medical professionals can no longer provide a cure but there are many ways to help someone feel better. It really puts meaning into the phrase; to cure at times, to treat often and to comfort always.”

From left: Winnie Win Khine Yi and Low Chen Ee