Biotechnology graduate entering to Australia Medicine programme

21 Apr 2021

Our heartiest congratulations to our Diploma in Biotechnology (DBT) 2018 graduate (Now merge together with the Diploma in Biomedical Science) Ray Lim for enrolling into the University of Adelaide’s Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery programme!

With an avid interest in Biology and the healthcare sector, he chose to study Biotechnology as he felt that the course could heighten and improve his knowledge and understanding.

Ray mentions that the theoretical and practical structure of the modules provided by the curriculum were essential to grasping key concepts and information. Furthermore, the opportunity to plan and design his own year long project with his groupmates under the guidance of a lecturer were crucial in developing his ability to have independent critical thinking.

During the 30-week long internship module, Ray interned at the University of New South Wales, Australia, for 10 weeks to understand a research environment. For the other 20 weeks, he interned at Merck, Sharpe and Dohme, a pharmaceuticals company for exposure to the medication industry. He stated that these opportunities enabled him to have a first-hand quintessential experience of careers in their respective sectors.

More often than not, he was intrigued by the healthcare aspects of the hospital during every hospital visit. The passing of his grandfather back in 2015 was another reason that pointed him towards medicine. Thus, he decided to try and pursue a career in medicine as he felt that it was a way for him to give back to the community. “It was a long shot, but I’m overjoyed at this fortuity and will definitely persevere through!”