First DOPT overseas study trip to KL/Malacca

13 Jun 2024

30 students from the Diploma in Optometry (DOPT), together with two lecturers embarked on a 3D2N Overseas Study Trip (OST) to Kuala Lumpur and Malacca 6-8 June 2024. The trip was planned to engage and immerse DOPT students to the Overseas Universities namely Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) & Management and Science University (MSU) and two established & well-equipped optometric practice in Malaysia (Vision Space Sdn Bhd and Eyecon in Mahkota Medical Centre). It was the first OST for DOPT to expose students to overseas optometry programmes as well as how private optometry practices could be run and managed successfully. In UKM, two students were sharing on their personal experiences and insights of their optometry studies in SP. They also interacted and networking with the degree students & their lecturers/professors. During the visits to the optometry schools in UKM and MSU, they observed various advanced clinical diagnostic examination techniques, in particular, the diagnostic pharmaceutical techniques that are taught at the degree level, as well as the prosthetic eyes and electroretinogram services provided by their Optometry clinics. Besides, students also visited the Ophthalmologists Clinics at MSU Medical Centre. At Vision Space, they visited a two-storey optometry practice fully equipped like SPOC and were inspired on how an optometrist are providing primary eyecare in a private practice. At Eyecon in Mahkota Medical Centre, they have seen how optometrists could co-manage their patients with an opthalmologist and providing step-down care independently, leveraging on a fully digitalised process.

Here are reflections from two students:

“It is truly a blessing to have the opportunity to participate in our first optometry overseas study trip (OST). During this trip, we toured various optometry universities and practices, giving me a new perspective on how they manage their systems compared to Singapore. We also understand how optometrists collaborate with ophthalmologists to achieve the best outcomes for their patients. Overall, it was an enlightening and rewarding program that expanded my understanding of the field of optometry.”

Charmyne Wong Yi Xuan
Year 3 student

“I was blessed to be on DOPT’s first overseas study trip as it was truly enriching experience. I was able to immerse myself in how different the optometry industry works in Malaysia compared to Singapore. I was also honoured to visit optometry universities and an optometry practice within a medical centre. Through this trip, it has also made me realise how much Singapore’s optometry industry can further improve in ways to enhance the quality of patient eye care.“

Charis Teo Ern May
Year 3 student

Visiting to Management Science University, Shah Alam. 

Group photo with the professors, lecturers and students from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

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