Food Science & Technology students clean up Sembawang beach

09 Jan 2019

On the 17 of December, a group of Food Science & Technology (DFST) students gathered at Sembawang Park for a Community Involvement Programme to clean up Sembawang beach. In an effort to make a positive difference to the environment, these students spent an hour under the sweltering sun picking up litter.

One of the year 2 participants, Loo Jia Min, shared her experience, “It was a meaningful bonding activity as all DFST students came together as one to complete the task despite not knowing each other. It was also a chance for us to get to know others.” Another participant, Chew Jun Wei, also shared, “After this activity of picking up rubbish along the beach and around the bushes, I learned to care more for the environment as I realised how prevalent the problem of littering was.”

Written by Sabrina Liang and Amanda Lian
Current Year 2 students<

DFST_Beach Cleanup_1 DFST_Beach Cleanup_2

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