Joint Poly-ITE Food Manufacturing (FM) Career Fair

08 May 2024

The 5th edition of the Joint Poly-ITE Food Manufacturing (FM) Career Fair hosted by Singapore Polytechnic hosted by Singapore Polytechnic showcased Food Manufacturing as a promising career choice, spotlighting emerging skill sets and fostered connections between students and industry partners.

The event also celebrated the launch of the new Future Food Lab (FFL). FFL is anticipated to significantly enhance Diploma in Food Science & Technology (DFST) training by providing our students with a platform to work on real-life problem statements. With FFL, our students will be mentored by co-locating company supervisors, facilitating knowledge and skill transfer. They will be exposed to the realities of the industry setting and closely guided in solving real-life product development challenges.

Attending the fair and engaging with professionals representing diverse companies provided me with invaluable insights into the responsibilities associated with various internship positions. I gained clarity on the nature of tasks involved in roles such as research and development, quality assurance, and quality control, offered by different organizations. This experience enabled me to discern the type of role I aspire to pursue during my internship, facilitating a more informed decision-making process.

Bernyce Leng Kit Yen
Year 3

Attending the food manufacturing career fair proved enlightening. Presentations covered food sustainability and alternative proteins, relevant to our field of study. Talks also provided job market insights and interview tips. Alumni shared valuable industry experiences. Featured booths from hiring companies, expanding my network and revealing diverse roles As someone still exploring potential career paths within the food industry, participating in this fair significantly broadened my perspective on available job opportunities and provided valuable insights into current market trends.

Wong Wei Qing Dilys
Year 3

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