SP-NUS Accelerated Pathway Programme

30 May 2024

What is the SP-NUS Accelerated Pathway Programme (SP-NUS APP)?

The SP-NUS APP enables eligible students from the Singapore Polytechnic, Diploma in Chemical Engineering (SP DCHE) to take three courses offered by Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) at National University of Singapore (NUS) in place of three SP School Elective modules. Upon successful completion of each NUS course, the corresponding credit and grade will be aligned with the SP Examination Grading System and reflected in the final transcript of the student’s diploma program.

Who are eligible?

All SP DCHE students, from Cohort 2024 onwards, who meet NUS’s criteria will be eligible to apply.

What are the benefits?

  • Early exposure to NUS courses
  • SP-NUS APP students will take NUS courses when they are pursuing their Diploma course.

  • Experience University Life while being a student with SP DCHE
  • SP-NUS APP students will be enrolled in the same classes as NUS students and will have access to all facilities that are necessary for their learning at NUS campus, offering them a fulfilling experience of university life even before they graduate from their diploma course.

  • Transfer of Credit and Grade to NUS
  • After graduating from SP DCHE, SP-NUS APP students will need to apply to NUS if he/she wants to secure a place in NUS Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) degree programme. SP-APP students who passed the three NUS courses will be exempted from taking these courses when they are admitted to the NUS Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) degree programme in the future.

How do I apply?

  • Eligible students will be notified via email when the SP-NUS APP during the application period.
  • Eligible students will need to go through a merit-based selection process and attend an interview conducted by NUS’s faculty members.
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