Design and Build a Smart Egg Whisker

One of the most challenging steps in making cakes and soufflés is the preparation of egg white foam. Preparing a consistent and perfectly whisked egg white foam requires experience. On top of that, different types of cakes require different degree of foaminess. The whisking process unfolds the protein in egg whites and exposes the long-chain amino acids to air giving rise to the foam-like structure. Stabilizing agents, such as sugar are also added to stiffen the foam. This project covers the design and fabrication of a smart device that will enable egg white foam of any desired stiffness to be achieved automatically. This will greatly help those taking up baking as a hobby or even business owners who may want to automate and speed up the egg whisking process. 


Noel Kristian


Lian Zhi Yao | Ng Ri Sheng | Pang Da Quan Darius | Tan Min Jin Albie


Diploma In Chemical Engineering

SP Sustainability Matters