IoT and Smart Solutions Hub

The IoT and Smart Solutions Hub aspires to be the catalyst that provides technical consultations, trainings, and seminars in the areas of IoT, cloud computing, embedded systems applications, smart devices and wireless applications, cybersecurity and data analytics. Backed by the robust experiences of our academic and research staff, the hub has ongoing project collaborations with other government agencies, businesses and industry partners.

One of the key facilities in this hub is the SP Smart Connected Solution lab. This lab houses equipment meant to train students and adult learners on the technologies behind Internet of Things (IoT), as well as the architecture design concept that makes large scale IoT deployment scalable and sustainable. The equipment is able to demonstrate the entire process; from data acquisition to data connectivity; allowing users to write applications that use the captured data for monitoring, predictive and preventive maintenance, and devise corrective actions. A critical learning takeaway - students are able to apply the theories they have learnt to an actual real-life scenario.

The hub welcomes collaborations with more industry partners in these exciting emerging technologies.

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