Semiconductor Hub

This hub is set up to address the needs of the semiconductor industry; focussing on developing capability in design and implementing embedded systems technology and semiconductor process technology. The hub which consists of the Nanofab and IC Design labs provide the facilities to train students for the semiconductor industry and technology development in the area of IC design, embedded solutions (FPGA), Wafer Fabrication, Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) and Flexible Electronics. The Nanofab lab comprises a 450-square metre cleanroom of class 100 & class 1000 and houses the processing tools such as mask aligners, PECVD, Diffusion/oxidation furnace, ICP, RIE, Sputtering systems, SEM, AFM, profilers and many more. The IC Design lab houses workstations with IC Design software such as Cadence and Xilinx software.

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