EEE Team Robo-Erectus@Work clinched first place in RoboCup@Work League category

RoboCup Asia-Pacific (RCAP) 2021, Aichi, Japan (25-29 Nov 2021) / RoboCup@Work League (Virtual)

Team Robo-Erectus@Work from School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) of Singapore Polytechnic had achieved the highest score over three days of competition and won the first place award in RoboCup@Work League category. The competition comprised of university teams from Singapore, Iran, Greece and Russia.

RoboCup@Work is one of the Major Leagues in RoboCup competition that targets the use of robots in an industrial environment. The competition aims to research and develop innovative autonomous mobile robots to help with complex tasks such as manipulation, automation, artificial intelligence and parts handling.  The strong knowledge, research and practice oriented engineering curriculum of EEE courses has helped our participating students to handle the demands and challenges of RoboCup competition such as RoboCup@Work League.


Course/Year Name Adm No
DEB/3rd Frentzen Seow Ziheng 1951235
DASE/3rd Muhammad Nurhakim Bin Norhazhar 1901115
DEEE/3rd Wei Zihao 1939507
DASE/3rd Wu Yuexin 1914131
DCPE/3rd Khor Iian 1937406
DCPE/3rd Xavier Eger 1919909
DEEE/3rd Sim Yee Hui Jamie 1837407
DCPE/3rd Auvik Kumar Biswas 1920767


Mr. Yusuf Pranggonoh (Team Leader)
Dr. Carlos Acosta (Co-Lead)






RoboCup@Work League Participants at RCAP2021


Team Robo-Erectus@Work in Action During Competition Run


Team Robo-Erectus@Work 2021

Video of Robo-Erectus@Work robot in action during RCAP2021: