With SP, I can fly - Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

I, Wee Kang of Class of 2022, was first intrigued by the wonders of aviation during the flypast at the National Day Parade when I was in Primary School. Witnessing the aerial display of the F-15SG left a deep impression in my mind and sparked my interest in aviation. With a strong passion for the aerospace and aviation industry, I chose to pursue a Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (DASE) at Singapore Polytechnic. During a school trip to Singapore Youth Flying Club (SYFC), I attended the briefing by the instructors on the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) flying programme. Without hesitation, I signed up and started to embark on a 13-month journey in the PPL flying program.

Throughout this arduous course, SP lecturers had been nothing short of supportive and understanding of my hectic flying schedule. They often offered additional consultation sessions to help me stay on track with my studies whilst I was juggling between the school curriculum and my PPL flying commitments.

DASE curriculum has provided me the edge in my pursuit for the PPL. Modules such as Aircraft Servomechanisms & Electronics (ET0429), Aircraft Electrical Systems, Aircraft Communications & Navigation Systems and Aircraft instrument systems (ET0436) have enabled me to establish a strong foundation towards the understanding of both the avionics and mechanical systems on the aircraft. School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE) offers the school-based Commercial Pilot Theory (EM0400) as an elective module for aspiring pilots which provides a comprehensive knowledge on aircraft navigation, radio aids, flight planning and instruments. I have gained knowledge and insights from these modules that helped me tremendously to prepare for the 7 Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) PPL exams which covered topics such as navigation, aircraft general knowledge, and flight planning.

With a curriculum aligned to Singapore Airworthiness Requirements specified by CAAS, DASE has equipped me with the relevant skills and knowledge that gave me an advantage over others during my pursuit for the PPL. Achieving this PPL does not represent the epilogue of my journey with aviation, but only just the beginning.