SP’s Diploma in Aerospace Electronics, DASE (S90)

In SP EEE, we have well-equipped facilities, state-of-the-art laboratories set up together with major industry partners, experienced and caring staff, and established, holistic programmes for students to discover and develop their potential.

We offer a larger intake to allow more students the opportunity to pursue this exciting high-quality course with us. The JAE ELR2B2 Last Aggregate Score (LAS) of any course depends on the planned intake size. Our DASE’s 2019 LAS, if we had planned a different intake, would be as shown in the chart below. The 2019 LAS of similar diploma courses are shown in the table following the chart.

School:School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Tel: (65)-67751133
Course Manager:Mr Danny Lee Meng Tuck
Tel:(65) 6870 8029
Fax:(65) 6772-1974
General Enquiries:contactus@sp.edu.sg
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Computer Engineering (S53)
Electrical & Electronic Engineering (S99)
Energy Systems & Management (S45)
Engineering with Business (S42)
Engineering Systems (S33)


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