Rugged All-terrain Autonomous Land And Air Unmanned Vehicle

The Flying Tank project showcases how a quadcopter can be integrated onto a tank. This Flying Tank provides more significant features when compared to an existing flying car which is able to conquer almost all terrain. In addition, the Flying Tank is designed to incorporate functions such as the ability to fly in swarm formation with other Iconic UAV Projects in multi-disciplinary projects. It also has modular designs that can be input onto the quadcopter section to serve different purposes. The Flying Tank is designed to operate on both land and air.

Imagine a quadcopter that can carry out missions on the ground and in the air. This Flying Tank can accomplish most of the missions that ordinary quadcopters cannot achieve easily. For instance, with its extra mobility feature, the tank will be able to move through cramped and constricted areas too dangerous for a human to travel in. The existing Flying Car with four wheels was redesigned into a Flying Tank with tank hull and tracks. The tank tracks, by having more contact with the ground, provides an all-terrain drive. In order to produce a rugged and strong vehicle, carbon fibres were used in the making of the Flying Tank to reduce weight while retaining a high strength property. The overall height of this design was reduced to have a more stable drive by lowering the centre of gravity. Moreover, retraction of arms is enhanced by new landing gear motors with an anti-jamming function which prevent the motor from damage if it encounter any unexpected weights.




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