Spherical Shaped UAV


The Spherical Shaped UAV team's goal is to build a UAV with a collision-resistant cage around it. The UAV will be equipped with a gimbal-stabilised camera attached to it. Lighting will also be installed on the UAV.

The UAV is designed to assist engineers in conducting brief inspections. In order to do so, the UAV will have a camera that is capable of live stream. The camera will also be attached onto a gimbal to stabilise the live streaming, thus enabling ease of use during inspection.

To minimise any accidental damages to the aircraft during inspections, the UAV will be encased in a collision-resistant cage. The cage has to be soft enough such that it will not damage the aircraft if the UAV were to fall onto the aircraft during flight yet strong enough to protect the UAV from extensive damage when it.

In order to ensure that inspections can be carried out in dimly lit environment, the UAV will be equipped with lighting. Other modules can also be carried or swapped with existing modules for multi-mission capability.



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