DCPE student successful Internship Project led to fully sponsored technical exchange to NASA Jet Propulsion Lab in USA

Pan Ziyue, a 3rd year DCPE student, was awarded a fully sponsored technical exchange to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in USA on March 2019. His internship supervisors from NTU, as well as NASA collaborators recommended him for this exchange programme due to his stellar performances during his 22-week internship with NTU Earth Observatory Singapore. 

During his internship, Ziyue worked on Cloud Computing projects that involved porting of computing workload from one major Cloud provider to another. In addition, he also carried out continuous improvements of the Hybrid Cloud Science Data System (HySDS) and the Advanced Rapid Imaging and Analysis (ARIA) that operates on HySDS to compute end-to-end geodetic data processing, modelling, and visualisation system to produce data products, such as Interferometric SAR (InSAR) maps for near-real-time monitoring and response to natural disasters.

Pan Ziyue and his lecturer, Mr Teo Shin Jen posing for a photo before his departure to USA. 

Ziyue at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California.