EEE+SD students won Consolation Prizes (SGD200 vouchers) in SUSS-Microsoft Analytic Hackathon 2018

Three EEE and one SD students formed a team called “Team Sudo Coders” to take part in the SUSS-Microsoft Analytic Hackathon 2018. The students are:

  • Nikhil Raghavendra (DCPE)
  • Bryan Tee Pak Hong (DCPE)
  • Rani Dilipkumar Shiva Shankar (DEEE)
  • Lim Ing (DVMD)

The organizer registered 36 teams (total 99pax) from polytechnics. 23 out of the 36 teams submitted report, source code, and simulation but only 7 submissions satisfied the chief judge's requirements and were selected as finalist.

The Sudo Coders Team was one of the 7 finalists. They presented their solution to an esteemed panel of judges comprises of SUSS School of Business, School of Science and Technology, and Microsoft.

Team Sudo Coders ranked fourth among the 7 finalists. Besides the Consolation Prizes (SGD200 vouchers), the students were also offered provisional admission into SUSS School of Business BSc in Business Analytics.

SUSS Microsoft Analytic Hackathon 2018

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