SP Diploma in Computer Engineering, DCPE (S53)

In SP EEE, we have well-equipped facilities, state-of-the-art laboratories set up together with major industry partners, experienced and caring staff, and established, holistic programmes for students to discover and develop their potential.

We offer a larger intake to allow more students the opportunity to pursue this exciting high-quality course with us. The JAE ELR2B2 Last Aggregate Score (LAS) of any course depends on the planned intake size. Our DCPE’s 2020 LAS, if we had planned a different intake, would be as shown in the chart below. The 2020 Net ELR2B2 Range of similar diploma courses are shown in the table following the chart.

In addition, DCPE diploma course offers qualifying students opportunities to do NUS & SUTD modules thereby potentially shorten their degree study at these universities. Find out more >



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