The purpose of this project is to enable better mobility and accessibility for those afflicted with medical conditions, which compromise their ability to move. Our target groups are the elderly and the disabled. We aim to tackle the issue of patients depending on external care. By doing so, we hope to improve the quality of life of the user and their families. Families with such members can look forward to reduced overall strain and cost of taking care of said user.

The device aims to fill a market gap in which there are little other options available for patients who are fully paralyzed. We believe our product will open up a whole new world of freedom for the user. We intend for the product to provide extended mobility to users without the need for external provision. Currently, such a feat requires a caregiver to care for the user. This might accrue high costs as even simple daily tasks requires external support. Our product will enable greater user independency and allow them to regain their freedom.

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