This project provides an overall tracking ability to elderly care homes. This includes an Indoor tracking, Outdoor tracking as well as a Vehicle Tracking System. Administrators will be provided with a Website Interface that will allow them to keep track all Elderly and their Vehicles in the homes. The Nurses in the homes will be able keep track of the Elderly belonging to their area through our Android Application and Website Interface. The Elderly will have to wear a wearable device that is used to track of their location.

The MAES tracking system provide the elderly homes with an all rounded tracking system. With the elderly carrying the Arduino, the nurses and administrator will be able to keep track of the position of the elderly both indoor and outdoor. Moreover, with the Arduino devices installed on the vehicles, the administrator also will be able to know the current location of the vehicles within a click of the mouse.

With the rising numbers of elderly in Singapore, we believe there will be an increase in the demand of the MAES system. With this rising demand, we believe that MAES system will be implemented in many of the elderly home so as to help the administrator and nurses better manage the home.

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