What is SingTel Engineering Cadet Scholarship?

The SingTel Engineering Cadet Scholarship is a structured programme designed to groom young engineering talent with development opportunities to deepen their technical skills and knowledge.SingTel is offering up to 40 scholarships per year.

This is a scholarship for all eligible students from the Diploma in Computer Engineering (DCPE) of Singapore Polytechnic. The DCPE course has been chosen because of its curriculum providing comprehensive coverage of the technical skills and knowledge highly sought after by the telecommunication industry.


What are the benefits of SingTel Engineering Cadet Scholarship?

  • Tuition fee for year-2 and year-3 while studying in Singapore Polytechnic.
  • Living allowances.
  • One-time laptop allowance.
  • Internship with SingTel and/or SingTel’s regional associates.
  • Secured engineering role in SingTel with competitive starting salary and progressive career path.
  • Opportunities for post-diploma certifications and/or scholarships.


Any bond for the SingTel Engineering Cadet Scholarship?

Yes. Short bond period of 1 year.


What are the career prospects as a SingTel Engineering Cadet Scholar?

  • Join SingTel as Associate Engineer.
  • Exciting engineering roles involving cutting edge technologies and innovation.
  • Opportunity to work in world-class, multinational telecommunications and technology organization.


Any opportunity for further study?

  • Opportunity for University scholarship after joining SingTel.
  • On-the-job learning and formal training (e.g. industrial certifications, post-diploma courses)


Who are eligible for the SingTel Engineering Cadet Scholarship?

  • Singapore citizens or PRs.
  • Year 1 Singapore Polytechnic students from the Diploma in Computer Engineering (DCPE).
  • Excellent academic results (minimum GPA 3.0 for year-1 semester 1).
  • Keen interest to embark on engineering career in SingTel.
  • Passionate about innovation and technology.


What are the changes to the DCPE course for a SingTel Engineering Cadet Scholar?

DCPE students that are successful in joining the SingTel Engineering Cadet Programme will have to do 22-week internship with SingTel in Year-3. They are free to choose any path during year-2 (CES or CNS), and ONE specialisations under the path during year-3. The DCPE course will equip the Cadets with essential technical skills and knowledge for the telecommunication industry.

Singtel Engineering Cadet Scholarship

Have questions about the SingTel Engineering Cadet Scholarship?

Write to the DCPE Course Chairman, Dr Tan Kwee Teck (E-mail:TAN_Kwee_Teck@sp.edu.sg).if you have any question about the course or the scholarship.

School:School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Tel: (65)-67751133
Course Manager:Mr Francis Teo
Tel:(65) 68790692
General Enquiries:contactus@sp.edu.sg
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