What Students Say About Our Course


James Lim En Hui
DCPE Gold Medallist,
Lee Kuan Yew Award recipient,
Smart Nation Scholarship 2020 recipient,
Class of 2020

With the advent of smart cities across the globe, SP’s DCPE course has rapidly evolved its content and extra-curricular opportunities to include highly sought-after skills in computing, such as IMABC: IoT, Machine Learning, AI, Block Chain and Cloud Computing. Armed with these fundamental know-how, I was able to perform at my engineering internships at Grab and the Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies. With our training, I have great faith that my DCPE cohort will do great things for our nation and beyond.

Ong Jun Hock, Ryan

Ong Jun Hock, Ryan
Lee Kuan Yew Award recipient and
DCPE Gold Medallist
Class of 2019

Singapore Polytechnics DCPE was my top choice as I knew that it will equip me with the relevant computer networking and cyber security skills and industrial certifications also had the opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge during my internship at the Center for Strategic Infocomm Technologies where I developed a unique solution to identify potential data leakage. This has given me the confidence to help support Singapore's growing need for computer scientists and engineers

chan chung loong

Chan Chung Loong
DCPE Gold Medallist,
SingTel Engineering Cadet Scholar
Class of 2018

Through the DCPE course I was able to explore many technologies such as machine learning and computer vision be equipped with useful computer networking an security skill, and have the opportunities to go for renowned industrial certification I also had the chance to work on many industry projects to build new solutions reinventing the way we interact with technology This allowed me to solve real-world problem be made for future challenges