Course is applicable only for AY2018 intake and earlier. If you are interested in power engineering, it is offered as a 3rd year Power Engineering specialisation in the Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

If you are interested in clean energy and energy management, they will be offered as electives in any of the Diplomas in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.



Energy industry is the main driver of Singapore’s economy and it is with us everywhere, all the time. Energy systems secure the operation of our daily life gadgets, household appliances, commercial centres, transportation system and water supply system. With fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas depleting, and the increasing threat of global warming, there is a pressing need to optimise the energy system and manage the supply of energy efficiently.

Diploma in Energy Systems and Management (DESM) provides you with a wide spectrum of knowledge and technical skills to tackle the energy-related challenges of the future, and to ensure the energy sustainability of the Singapore economy.

With DESM, you will gain engineering skills in three focus areas: Clean Energy, Power Engineering and Energy Efficiency & Management. These skillsets will transform you into next generation of technologists to develop a smart and sustainable energy solutions of the future.


Course Highlights

  • SP is the pioneer in the research in Clean Energy, as it is the FIRST polytechnic to set up a Solar and Wind energy system in Singapore.
  • Course curriculum is recognised by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) and DESM graduates are eligible to apply for a “Professional Electrical License”, which will boost their standing and qualifications in the industry.
  • Provide deep understanding in THREE focus areas: Clean Energy, Power Engineering and Energy Efficiency & Management to meet the manpower demands in the Energy and Power industry.
  • Hands-on learning using various on-campus energy systems (solar,and wind) that SP is researching and collaborating with government agencies and industry partners on funded projects.
  • 22-week enhanced internship programme at reputable organisations to deepen your skills and provide exposure to work on real industry projects.
  • Further studies at either local or overseas universities

    • You can gain direct entry into the second year of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering course at NTU or gain about one year’s worth of exemptions at NUS.
    • You may be granted advanced standing of up to two years when applying for related degree programmes at overseas universities
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