DEB Alumnus Chen YuanHao Douglas graduated with NTU Honours (Highest Distinction) Degree in Materials Engineering

DEB alumnus, Chen Yuanhao Douglas

DEB alumnus, Chen Yuanhao Douglas, graduated from Singapore Polytechnic in 2013. In July this year (2019), Douglas graduated from NTU with an Honours (Highest Distinction) Degree in Materials Engineering. 

Douglas credited his achievement to the enriching learning experience provided by DEB curriculum and Singapore Polytechnic. “The diverse curriculum of DEB has helped to expose me to various aspects of business, mechanical and electrical engineering. I found great interest in the mechanical modules in the curriculum that were related to Materials Engineering which sparked my interest in the field. Also, the overseas enrichment programme which I participated in, allowed me to understand and mingle with people from various cultures.” Douglas believes that the foundations built during his time in DEB has enabled him to excel in university, and his current new job as a Technology Consultant in SimplifyNext, a start-up company.