EEE Teams won Silver and Bronze Awards in the 17th International Standards Olympiad competition

International Standards Olympiad competition 1

EEE Teams won Silver and Bronze Awards in the 17th International Standards Olympiad competition. The competition was jointly organised by Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS) and the Korean Standards Association (KSA). It aimed to promote awareness on the importance of standardisation for convenience and safety; and to enhance students’ scientific creativity by creating a platform for participating students to integrate creativity, scientific knowledge, and technology; and explore new ways of standardisation. 

The competition was held virtually from 23 to 25 Aug 2022 and comprised Middle School and High School categories. Enterprise Singapore endorsed two SP EEE teams to represent Singapore to participate in the High School category. Students in the High School category were required to develop international standards related to Space Exploration Rovers. They were evaluated on the written assignment and the oral presentation on the international standards that the students had developed. The High School category had a total of 20 competition teams from 7 countries (Korea, China, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Rwanda and Singapore). 

This is the fifth year where EEE teams have won top awards in this international competition.  EEE Teams had participated in this annual International Standards Olympiad competition since 2017, wining the topmost Grand Prix Prize, Silver Prize, Gold&Silver, Silver&Bronze Prizes in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 respectively.

Details of the students in the winning teams for 2022 are as follows:

Team Name: SPark

Name Course Year of Study Achievement
Fong Zhi Lum DEB 2 Silver Award
Kang Joo Ann Adrian DEB 2 Silver Award
Tan Lak Kee DEB 2 Silver Award

Team Name: Superstar

Name Course Year of Study Achievement
Ng Zi Heng DEB 2 Bronze Award
Shah Dhwanil Nilesh DEB 2 Bronze Award
Soh Yu Xuan DEB 2 Bronze Award

The teams were guided by EEE staffs Goh Say Seng, Than Keng Hwa and Elaine Soo.The students said that the competition had honed their research, problem-solving, communication and writing skills. It had also enhanced their understanding of emerging technologies and the importance of standardisation in today’s modern world.

Catch the closing ceremony of the competition from https://youtu.be/awbuGIKAgx4!

EEE teams appeared at the 25:06 and 27:25 marks of this YouTube video.

SPark and Superstar

Teams SPark and Superstar, together with coaching lecturers.