Promising career as an R&D engineer with the DSO Diploma Scholarship

Eleena Chang Xuan Ling

My name is Eleena Chang Xuan Ling, a DEB Year 3 student who has been awarded the DSO Diploma Scholarship. This opens the door for internship experiences with DSO National Laboratories (DSO) and it is definitely a promising start of my career as an R&D engineer in the future!

DSO National Laboratories is the largest defence R&D firm which provides opportunities to students like us to explore beyond what is learnt in polytechnics and discover our interests and passion in the R&D sector. The DSO scholarship is a scholarship provided to students who expresses interest and passion in exploiting opportunities given to them and in sharing and developing real life and innovative solutions, with the hope that one day, these solutions will be used to help protect and keep our country safe from potential threats. Being offered this scholarship felt very surreal, but it offers me an opportunity to expand and grow my passion for R&D work. The scholarship also allows me to be able to experience working alongside with experienced engineers on projects which will be used for a lot of research and development work that is vital for improving our national security. Having experienced engineers as my supervisor and mentors to guide me, I was able to learn beyond what was taught in classrooms. 

Being offered an internship opportunity with DSO was a plus to the scholarship. It is a privilege to be interning in DSO as the company provides me with endless opportunities to be able to partake in important projects which will be beneficial and useful in the future when it comes to protecting our country from unforeseen threats. The internship is also an excellent opportunity for me to witness and learn how these solutions are integrated into real life applications, and allows us to stretch our train of thoughts and think of what lies ahead in the future, so that more ideas can be contributed to further improve on current designs. 

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