SP teams won Gold & Best Presentation Award at 10th National Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology Student Innovation Challenge

SP team winning Gold

SP teams won big at the 10th National Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology Student Innovation Challenge on 20 Jul 22. One of the teams attained Gold in the technology category, beating 15 others from ITEs, polytechnics and universities; while the other team won the “Best Presentation Award” in the technology category as well. The competition provides a platform for students from Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) to design creative solutions to improve the quality of life for the elderly and people with disabilities, and to enhance the professional quality of rehabilitation and assistive technology.

The winning project from SP entailed a pet robot dog which can move and bark, spurring on seniors to do their therapy exercises. It is also part of a system that allows caregivers and therapists to monitor the seniors' exercise data over the cloud. A prototype was tested at the Lions Befrienders senior activity centre in Ghim Moh from 2017 to 2018, with the team recording increased muscle activity among participants, a key sign of engagement. Moving forward, the team is working on improving the response time of the pet robot, with an eye to develop more prototypes to be rented to other senior activity centres. The winning team will be representing Singapore virtually in the Global Student Innovation Challenge on 26 Aug 2022. Led by Dr. Jaichandar K. S, the team comprised the following EEE graduates:

S/No Name Course
1 Amirah Sabrina Ahmad Ghozali
DEEE 2022 Graduate
2 Gina Teh DCPE 2022 Graduate
3 Kang Yi Jin DEEE 2022 Graduate
4 Loo Si Hui DEB 2022 Graduate

SP team winning “Best Presentation Award”

The team that won the “Best Presentation Award” designed a laser-gun game that aimed to improve the upper body (arm) strength of patients undergoing muscular rehabilitation, whilst also improving their hand-eye coordination, in a fun and engaging manner. Led by Mr. Peh King Sing, the team comprised the following EEE students:

S/No Name Course
1 Aakhash Nair
DEB Year 3
2 Krishant Elijah Samuel DEEE Year 3

More details of the competition are found via the Straits Times article:

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