Unmanned Aircraft for Building Façade Inspection

Project team with their unmanned aircraft system

Unmanned Aircraft with automated Crack Detection system

All buildings in Singapore, except for those under 13m in height, need to be inspected at regular intervals in accordance with the Building Control Act.

The purpose of such inspections is to ensure that structural defects due to lack of maintenance can be detected early and rectified. Building inspectors usually have to scale great heights to inspect buildings, with the risk of falling from such heights a scary possibility. As a result there are not many applicants for this job.

In this project, the team proposes the use of an unmanned aircraft (UA) for building façade inspections, to eliminate the risk of falling from heights. The UA is used to capture data of the facade and automated detection techniques will be implemented to analyse the data using computer vision technologies.

The use of 5G technology has also been tested in this project. With 5G, there is low latency in the data transmission and detection can be done off-line, where computing resources are readily available. To further reduce the error of missing out on defects due to human factors, the team implemented audio alerts to alert the operator when a potential defect is detected during analysis.



Tan Hwee Siang, Heng Chiang Hiong, Mike Ong Chin Siang, Shanker Maniam, Tan Tiong Kwee, Chua Boon Leong


Abdul Rauf Bin Jamaludin, Aloysius Ong, Brandon Abejuela Tay, Brian Siew Wee Kian, Chua Chong En, Chua Thiam Soon, Hudzaifah Bin Muhammad Taufiq, K Muneesh Theeban, Law Zong Han Edmund, Muhammad Syibliey Bin Moham Alnizom, Ryan Tan Wei Yao, Tan Jun Hern


Diploma in Aerospace Electronics



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