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The Aerospace Engineering Hub (AeroHub) aims to support the Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (DASE) and address the needs of the industry. It is one of the core Technology Hubs in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Singapore Polytechnic. AeroHub focuses on Aerospace related projects for student learning and working in the area of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). It is a project development and training hub with technical support from the academic staff who are actively involved in teaching and projects.

AeroHub consists of various laboratories including Electrical Systems, Servo Mechanisms and Electronics, Electrical Fundamentals, Flight Simulator and Maintenance Trainer, Avionics Store, Automatic Flight and Electronics Systems, Communications and Navigation Systems. It also has aircraft facilities (i.e. King Air B90 and Hawker 700A) and an A320 full-motion flight simulator.

We are seeking collaborations with industry and academic/research institutes in internship programmes, industry and applied R&D projects in the area of Aerospace.

AeroHub is located at Level 4, AeroHub @ SP.

Capabilities and Technical Services

  • UAV prototyping using Commercial-Off-the-shelf Components
  • UAV prototyping using Commercial-Off-the-shelf Components
  • UAV aerial image / video capture
  • UAV 3D Reconstruction for survey and mapping applications
  • Customised courses to meet aerospace industry’s requirement

Project Showcase

  • Development of UAV with Precision Landing and Efficient Power Management System

UAVs have been used in many industrial outdoor applications but limited flight time is one of the challenges to expand the usage into other applications. This project aims to develop an automatic battery swapping system for electrically powered multicopters. When the multicopter is running low on battery power, it will be able to locate and land precisely on the battery swapping platform to replace the depleted battery with a charged one. After the battery swapping process has completed, the multicopter will be able to take off and continue its mission

  • Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System Capable for Tunnel Inspection To Identify and Localize Defects

Long tunnel inspection is tedious and labour intensive. The working environment in the tunnel is quite challenging and if established tunnel entry procedures are not followed by maintenance personnel, consequences can be serious especially during engineering train operation. In addition, inspection of tunnels is usually carried out at night during engineering hours to prevent disruption to the operation of passenger trains. Therefore, autonomous unmanned-aerial vehicles (UAV) are receiving great attention in these applications to reduce manpower access on the track and also to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel

The project focuses on the unique application, inspection and surveillance for maintenance of large infrastructure assets such as MRT tunnels. For this specific application, the goal is to provide feasible technical solutions for periodically inspecting and detecting structural features that might indicate the potential for failures.

In this project, a quadcopter capable of flying in the MRT tunnel, with lighting and 360 degree camera system, has been built. The recorded camera images can be processed for visualization and interactive inspection using Virtual Reality Goggle.

Aerial Vehicle System Capable for Tunnel Inspection
  • 3D Modelling of SERS site

In this project, the students created a 3D Model of the HDB site that has been selected under “The Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme”. Between the period of residents vacating their units and demolition, HDB has to make sure that the flats and not vandalised. A 3D Model of the site is created for detailed analysis on computers.

SERS site
  • Virtual SP Modelling

In this project, students work to create a 3D Model of the Singapore Polytechnic campus using images captured using a COTS UAV. Using Bentley Contextcapture, a 3D Model can be easily created by the team. There is no need to use expensive 3D Laser Scanners and skilled workers. This project clearly demonstrates a novel work method.

Virtual SP Modelling
  • UAV for beehive destruction and rooftop inspection

In this project, students created a drone that can greatly simplify the job of Pest Controllers. Previously, Pest Controllers has to don heavy gears to prevent bee attacks when they spray chemicals at beehives. In addition, they have to scale great heights to check for stagnant waters and mosquitos. The drone allows them to do both.

beehive destruction


The DASE students have won many awards in various national and international competitions, such as Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition, RoboCup, Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Challenge, etc. Details can be found in



  • Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
  • National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)
  • Defence Science Organisation (DSO)
  • ST Engineering (Aerospace)
  • I2R
  • LTA
  • HDB
  • SATS
  • Bentley Systems, and SMEs


Courses and Seminars

Preparatory for CAAS Operator Permit in Flying DJI Phantom 4 Pro Quadcopter                        




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Manager & Tech Hub Leader
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
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