Biomedical Engineering Hub

About the Tech hub 

The Biomedical Engineering Hub is with the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Singapore Polytechnic. It aims to provide a conducive environment and infrastructure for staff and students to be involved in applied research and development work in the area of healthcare and rehabilitation. The BETH focuses on the development of solutions for step-down care.  

We are seeking collaborations with industry and academic/research institutes in internship programmes, industry and applied R&D projects in biomedical engineering.

The Hub is located at Level 6, T12A @ SP.

Capabilities and Technical Services

  • Applied research and development on assistive technology for elderly
  • Development of applications and solutions for healthcare industry
  • Development in areas of medical diagnosis and medical devices for health monitoring

Project Showcase

  • Brain Computer Interface (BCI):

A BCI-based communicator prototype for locked-in patients, so that they can express their needs and can communicate with other people. Funded by MOE-TIF grant. Received Bronze award at CDIO Students Academy 2015, China.

  • Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Device:

An equipment for rehabilitation of upper limbs. Received commendation award in National Assistive & Rehabilitation Technologies (ART) Student Innovation Challenge (SIC) 2015, Singapore.

  • Eye Tracker Based Communicator & Home Device Control for Disabled:

Assistive technology to help the disabled communicate with their caregivers, control home device wirelessly. Received Silver award in ART SIC 2016 and I-CREATE 2016 competitions in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • An enhanced system for rehabilitation of gross manual dexterity with user friendly emphasis:

To enhance the usefulness of a widely used rehabilitative upper limb test by embedding sensors into objects used in the box and block test. Funded by Tote-board SIR grant. Received Bronze award in ART 2017 competition.

  • System For Automated Assessment Of Rehabilitative Reach And Grasp:

An objective assessment system for upper limb rehabilitation, which provides real-time feedbacks for therapists and patients. Funded by MOE-TIF grant.

  • Development of Rehabilitative Pet Robots for Motivation and Assessment of Elderly Residents:

To develop rehabilitative pet robots for motivation and assessment of elderly residents. Funded by Tote-board SIR grant.

  • Intellisense Bed - An Anti-seating and Patient Position System for Bed Sore Prevention in a Clinical Environment:

the Intellisense bed reduces occurrence of bed sores forming on elderly and bedridden patients and is capable of monitoring the position of the patient on the bed as well as the temperature of the bed. Funded by Tote-board SIR grant.

  • Development of Blood Vessel Strengthening Technique using Near-Infrared Combi Therapy (NIRCT):

To develop a low-cost device to strengthen and accelerate the maturation rate of arteriovenous fistulae (AVF) to enhance the success rate and retain the patency using near-infrared (NIR) therapy. Funded by Tote-board SIR grant.


  • I2R, A*Star
  • Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)
  • NTU
  • Hospitals including KTPH, KKH, NUH, SGH, etc.
  • Nursing homes including All Saints Home, AWWA (Asian Women Welfare Association), etc.
  • Biofit Technology & Solutions, Nephtech Technology, Neeuro, and SMEs


Courses and Seminars

  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Applied Video & Image Processing

Contact Information

Dr cai

Dr Cai Zhi Qiang
Manager & Tech Hub Leader
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Phone: 67721542
Fax: 6772 1974


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