Robotics, Automation & Control Hub

The Robotics, Automation and Control Hub aims to develop automation and robotics solutions to meet the emerging industry’s needs for smart manufacturing in Singapore.
It focuses on developing capability in Industry 4.0  enabling technologies; providing I4.0 solutions for smart manufacturing industry with technologies such as autonomous robots, collaborative robots, big data analytics, augmented reality, IIoT, horizontal and vertical integration.
In addition, the tech hub also supports manpower training in enabling technologies for Smart Manufacturing.

The tech hub consists of the following facilities:

  • Automation & Control Lab @ T10, Level 2 & 3
  • Robotics Lab @ T10, Level 2

About the Tech hub 

This hub is part of the core Technology Hubs under the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. They are project development hub with technical support from the academic staff who are actively involved in technology projects. They also provide students with facilities to work on a variety of projects.

The Automation and Control lab develops advanced technologies and integrated solutions in industrial automation and control and specialized in factory automation, process automation, instrumentations and control applications to digital twin.

The Robotics Lab develops robot solutions to meet the needs of the Singapore’s industry ranging from manufacturing industries, infrastructure inspection, logistics, health care, transport, and edutainment industries. The hub has worked with autonomous robots such as industrial robots, collaborative robots, social robots, etc.
The hub seeks collaboration with industry and academic/research institutes in joint R&D and industry projects involving staff and students to improve competencies in the area of enabling technologies for Smart Manufacturing. In addition, they also provide customised courses to retrain and upgrade manpower to be ready for the next wave of digital transformation.

Capabilities and Technical Services

The hub specialise in R&D and applied projects in the following technology areas:

  • PLC/DCS/SCADA/HMI/Fieldbus/Sensor solutions
  • Process/Discrete/Instrumentation/Network/Virtualization technologies
  • Automation system integration and control applications
  • Development of cutting edge technologies for robotic systems                                                      
  • Design of collaborative robot profiling and high profile motion and sensing mechanism
  • Application development on navigation and mapping in dynamic environments

Project Showcase

The tech hub works on enabling technologies for I4.0 such as robotics and automation.
Some of the projects are:

  • Smart Service AGV for Lean Manufacturing;

Develop a smart service AGV system that is equipped with intelligent, autonomous and self-optimising control mechanism. It provides a mobile platform where it delivers materials to designated workplaces effectively. The customized AGV is powered by a wireless charging system using inductive energy transfer. The wireless charging technology applied by the collaborator SEW EURODRIVE.

  • Multi-Arm Cooperative System for Service Robots;

Develop a multi-arm cooperative system for service robots that is able to accomplish tasks with multiple arms. The robotic arm is able to adapt to new environment and new roles when working along with a robot platform that serves people. The multi-arm robot system is intelligent enough to detect and identify objects and has human-like grasping functions that are able to pass objects to people. Research conducted through the collaboration with ABB Robotics.

  • Distributed Process System;

Showcasing the industry process and model solutions how control and instrumentation are used in wide area distributed system.

Distributed Process System
Distributed Process System
Bosch i4.0 Line1

Bosch i4.0 Line

Bosch i4.0 Line2

Bosch i4.0 Line


Social Robot


This hub collaborates with industries to support I4.0 solutions in enabling technologies such as autonomous robots, automation & control, sensing & connectivity, intelligence, augmented reality, etc. Some of the industry collaborators are Sew Euro drive, ABB, Rexroth, Bosch and Siemens.

Courses and Seminars

The hub conduct courses and seminars in the following areas:
Some of the courses are:

Autonomous Robots & Computer Vision
Automation & Control
Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence
Technology & Applications of Digital Transformation & Robotics
*WSQ Courses: PLC and Fieldbus Control System.
*The Process Workforce Skills Qualifications (Process WSQ) is a national continuing education and training system designed for adult workers, jointly by the industry and Skills Future Singapore (SSG), to determine the competencies required by the Process Industry. This course is a module (Competency Code PI-PEM-302E-1) in the Singapore Workforce Skill Qualification (WSQ) Advanced Certificate in Process Technology (Engineering Services). Currently modules are offered in PLC and Fieldbus Control System.

Contact Information

Cassandra Low Lee Ngo

Ms Cassandra Low Lee Ngo
Manager & Tech Hub Leader
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Phone: 67721247
Fax: 6772 1974


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