The internship programme exposes EEE students to meaningful and relevant workplace attachment to better connect their learning with the workplace and deepen their skills, and eventually be work-ready and world-ready.

In School of EEE, the internship duration is 22-week internship and takes place during students' third year of study.

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Get Ready for 22-week internship
22-week Internship Showcase

22-Week Internship

The 22-week Internship Programme aims to provide students with an authentic on-the-job work experience in an engineering, or technology-enabled business field, to prepare them to be truly work-ready. Students will also be able to establish an industry network and learn from the experience of working professionals. Students will undergo a structured learning programme, including attending safety induction and participating in the industry projects as part of their internship. The intent of the programme is to enable students to apply and enhance their range of technical skills, hone their knowledge in areas such as professional ethics, role and responsibility of engineers, and understand the business environment in which companies are situated, as advocated by the CDIO syllabus. By the end of the programme, students will have a greater insight into what industry expects of employees, as well as opportunities to develop technical workplace competencies and other important professional skills.

22-Week Internship Opportunities @ EEE

EEE students are placed in local or overseas companies that offer 22-week internship in one of these 7 identified industry sectors supported by EEE:

1. Aerospace Engineering Sector
2. Automation & Instrumentation Sector
3. Engineering & Business Services Sector
4. Information & Communication Technology Sector
5. Land Transport, Infrastructure & Logistics Sector
6. Power Engineering & Sustainable Energy Sector
7. Semiconductor & Electronics Sector

Get Ready for 22-week Internship

Students will be informed by Course Management Team (CMT) of the Internship Track and will also visit the Internship Showcase during their year one and year two. Before the start of internship, students will have to attend the Pre-Internship Briefing to have a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities during the internship period.

22-week Internship Showcase

Some photos of our interns at various industry sectors:

EEE Interns at Singapore PowerGrid Ltd
(Power Engineering & Sustainable Energy Sector)

Intern @ Airbus Asia Training Centre Pte Ltd
(Aerospace Engineering Sector)

Some photos of internship posters (showing ONLY partial information) prepared by EEE interns for the Internship Showcase:

  1. Poster for the Automation & Instrumentation Sector
  2. Poster for the Information & Communication Technology Sector
  3. Poster for the Land Transport, Infrastructure & Logistics Sector
  4. Poster for the Semiconductor & Electronics Sector
  5. Poster for the Engineering & Business Services Sector 
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