Learning experiences outside the classroom allow EEE students to put into practice what they have theorised from their books into “the real world” context.

At School of EEE, we encourage teaching and learning free from the confines of the classroom. Various programmes such as internships, community service, field trips and leadership camp become an important part of student’s holistic learning and development at School of EEE. Through learning experiences beyond the classrooms, EEE students will not only be able to hone their skills and knowledge in their chosen courses but also develop qualities such as intercultural awareness, the ability to work in teams and an innovative mind-set, which are essential skills that we want our students to develop for life.

Read more on these outside classroom learning programmes:

  1. Overseas Internship Attachment (OIA)
  2. Internship Programme – 6 week and 22 week internship
  3. Learning Express (LeX)
  4. Learning Plus Community Service (L+ CS)
  5. Leadership Camp