To prepare our students so that they are able to contribute in the engineering workplace, the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering’s approach for curriculum delivery is the Pedagogy for the Professions – Projects with CDIO elements. This approach imparts more than just technical disciplinary knowledge, skills and attitudes, but also the mind set to be innovative and to be life-long learners in our students.

CDIO stands for Conceive, Design, Implement and Operate. These are stages that typify the engineering process, product or system, from development to realisation. In addition to the core and supporting modules in their technical disciplines, students will undertake modules such as Introduction to Engineering (I) and (II) , get to design and build projects in the Microcontroller Application module in Year 2, and a final-year project in Year 3.

Here are some videos and projects done by EEE students using CDIO approach:

Year 1 Project module – Introduction to Engineering (I) & (II)

DASE IE project
DCPE IE project
DEEE IE project
DESM IE project

Year 2 Project module – Microcontroller Application (MAPP)

Wining Project

Year 3 module - Final Year Projects

Example of Final Year projects showcased @ SP Engineering Show