DEEE alumni won prestigious scholarship awards

30 May 2016

William Tan Jing Yu, a DEEE alumnus and the DEEE silver medallist in 2015/16, has been awarded the prestigious Public Service Commission scholarship for further study in Engineering & Business Management (double degree) at SUTD/SMU. He was the president of SP Photography Club and an SEEE student ambassador. He received a perfect GPA score of 4.


Flora Lim Liyi, a DEEE alumna and the silver medallist in 2013/14, has been awarded the ASEAN undergraduate scholarship to pursue further study in Electrical & Electronic Engineering at NTU. She won the ASMI second year scholarship (Association of Singapore Marine Industries) after her first year of study at Singapore Polytechnic and completion of her 2 year bond with Keppel Singmarine


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