EEE Alumna wins Koh Boon Hwee Scholars Award

05 Aug 2015

Heartiest congratulations to EEE alumna Miss Lim Hui Yin!

Hui Yin who graduated from the Diploma in Aerospace Electronics Course with the Lee Kuan Yew Award and Course Gold Medal in 2011 was awarded the prestigious “Koh Boon Hwee Scholars Award” at the Nanyang Technology University convocation on 27th July 2015.

This award is presented to her for being one of the top NTU students who have achieved excellent academic performance of 1st Class Honours, displayed strong leadership ability and demonstrated potential for contributing to society. It is also for displaying exemplary conduct and being held as a role model for her peers.

The award recognises the influence of inspirational teaching, and the enduring bonds that are forged between teachers and students. It aims to establish long-lasting and fulfilling relationships between the University, the students and their teachers.

In accepting the award, Hui Yin honoured Mr Ivan Hoe, Course Chair of the Diploma in Aerospace Electronics, as her teacher who inspired her learning and provided guidance that contributed to her achievements in NTU. In paying tribute to Mr Hoe, the university has provided a $5,000 cash grant established in his name, to be awarded to a future NTU student of his choice from Singapore Polytechnic.

Hui Yin said, “Mr Ivan Hoe used to be my poly lecturer and for the past four years, ever since I graduated from SP, we continued to keep in touch . An NTU alumni himself he's always keen to share with me his experiences and have encouraged me along the way, especially when I first stepped into NTU.”

This is the third time lecturers from the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering have been honoured by their students at NTU. In 2013 EEE alumnus Tan Jian Rong Edwin honoured EEE lecturer Mrs Lee Mei Lai and in 2010 EEE alumnus Gan Hoe Yee honoured EEE lecturer Mr Toh Ser Khoon for inspiring them.

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