SP graduate scores a hat-trick at NTU

17 Aug 2010

Besides getting a first class honours in B.Eng (EEE), he received the Koh Boon Hwee Scholars Award, the Professional Engineers Board Gold Medal and the NTU EEE Excellence Award.

From left: Gan Hoe Yee, President S R Nathan, Mr. Toh Ser Khoon

Currently working as an engineer at DSO National Laboratories, Hoe Yee graduated from SP in 2005 with a Diploma with Merit and went on to pursue a degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering at NTU after his national service stint.
Working hard, striking a good balance between studies and co-curricular activities, he attributed his success to the strong foundation he gained while at SP. The concepts, knowledge and skills that he acquired through lectures, tutorials and lab sessions gave him a head start.


He also credits his lecturers at SP and honoured one of them, Mr Toh Ser Khoon. Hoe Yee said, “Mr Toh never fails to rub off his enthusiasm, passion and patience on his students. With his good command of language and clear delivery skills, he  explained difficult concepts, simplifying complicated theories into diagrams to enhance understanding. He would ask questions frequently to promote active learning. To ensure understanding of basic concepts, Mr Toh would try to link these to related subjects or some real-life application”.


From left: Gan Hoe Yee, Mr. Koh Boon Hwee, Mr. Toh Ser Khoon


Looking back at his journey at SP, it is filled with memorable moments such as the Final Year Project and the Worldskills Singapore Competition.


The final year project, Musical Robot kept him and team mates late into the night in the labs, getting ready for the SPINNOVEX exhibition. Despite a challenging time, the reward came in the form of “Outstanding Display Gold Award” at SPINNOVEX 2005.


For Worldskills Singapore (Industrial Electronics) in 2004, he and a team of 5 others trained daily for about a year in areas such as circuit assembling, testing and troubleshooting. The effort was well worth it as SP managed to sweep all prizes in this competition.


Hoe Yee has this advice, “While grades are important, one should also strive to excel in co-curricular activities. It sharpened my interpersonal, leadership and time management skills. Strive to be a well-rounder”.

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