Do I have opportunities beyond the classroom to enrich or complement my learning experience at School of EEE?

School of EEE at Singapore Polytechnic provides a host of student development programmes to stretch your potential and achieve greater heights beyond classroom learning. They are:

  1. Singapore Polytechnic Outstanding Talent (SPOT) Programme
  2. Singapore Polytechnic Engineering Academy Programme
  3. Singapore Polytechnic Student Leadership Programme (LEAP)
  4. Singapore Polytechnic Learning Express
  5. Local & Overseas Internship Programme (22 weeks)
  6. Local & Overseas Community Service
  7. Local and Overseas Competition

Check out life-@-eee and developing-student-talent-@- eee for the exciting “beyond the classroom” opportunities and read about the experience gained by EEE students through these development programmes. 


Do I have opportunities to develop myself at School of EEE?

School of EEE at SP is committed to providing you with a well-rounded educational experience that not only maximizes your academic learning, but also contributes to your personal enrichment and growth.

All EEE students are given opportunities to develop leadership and life skills through the various platforms at school or SP level such as EEE student ambassadors, EEE Peer Tutors, EEE Club Committees, EEE Event Organisers or join the SP CCA (Co-Curricular Activity) groups.

So life as an EEE student at SP can be as exciting and enriching as you want it to be, whether you are interested in academic excellence, developing your sports or leadership potential. There is a myriad of opportunities to hone and showcase your talents and interests.

So explore your interests NOW and enrich your EEE journey with us.


What scholarships and awards are available to students pursuing SP full-time diploma courses in School of EEE?

A variety of scholarships and awards are made available to SP students pursuing full-time courses in School of EEE. Offered by SP as well as other organisations, these scholarships seek to recognise students with excellent academic achievements, leadership qualities and active CCA participation.

Scholarships are offered at different times during the academic year and have different eligibility criteria.

Check out SP EEE Scholarships @ a glance

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