AI-Enabled Solutions using FPGA Technology

FPGA-based AIoT Controller system for Indoor Vertical Farm

FPGA-based AIoT Facial Recognition System for Attendance Tracking

Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) is a reconfigurable integrated chip that has become one of the major solutions for AI applications. FPGAs offer high throughput and low latency and have demonstrated better performance compared to GPUs. They are valuable at reducing memory buffering time and defeating I/O bottlenecks, which are important restricting factors in AI system performance.  In addition, the unique architecture of FPGAs provides the flexibility required to support customizable applications and therefore makes them a generic solution. Compared to ASIC, the FPGA has advantages such as fast-to-market prototyping and lower cost.

This project aims to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance two solutions using the System-on-Chip (SoC) approach with FPGA technology. First, a reliable automatic face recognition system is developed using FPGA. The system can be used to take attendance of students for lessons and for laboratory entry record during free access periods. Secondly, an AI-enabled IoT-control system for vertical farming applications is developed using FPGA. The system comprises relevant sensors to control the lighting, plant watering and cooling sub-systems. It also aims to have AI features for security access to a farming field, where the farm environment and status are also monitored remotely from a control centre.



Niu Tianfang, James Yee, Julie Fan Wan Ping, Low Lee Ngo, Mak Lin Seng, Barbera Chen Kwai Mooi, Goh Wee Meng


Amudhan Anandharaman, Cai Yanru, Chua Jia Le, Fang Qian, Keilaash Satendra S/O Jeyatharan, Lee Jun Yee Adrian, Lim Kai Keat, Liong Sau Shyh, Ng Jun Xiang, Tan Jia Wei, Tan Si Ning Natasha, Tang Ruixuan, Wong Chung Xin Benjamin, Wong Ka-Kin


Diploma in Aerospace Electronics
Diploma in Computer Engineering
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Diploma in Engineering Systems


Singapore Indoor Farms Pte Ltd