Greenpower IET Formula 24+ Electric Racing Vehicle

Testing the Battery System and the Front Wheels of the Electric Vehicle

Fine-tuning the Telemetry System

This project aims to make the previous Formula 24 Electric Racing Vehicle smarter and faster by improving its electronic monitoring capability and aerodynamic design.

The modifications include :

  • An improved Telemetry System and a new Dashboard
  • Remote Monitoring and Data Analysis capabilities
  • Machine Learning AI to study driver’s performance
  • A newly designed chassis and car body (prototype)
  • A new steering system (prototype)

The improved telemetry system and dashboard, coupled with special sensors and AI and Data Analytics software, enhance the performance of the driver and the vehicle and allow for remote live monitoring of both driver and vehicle by a ground crew. This allows the ground crew to provide better support for the driver and also frees the driver to concentrate on driving the vehicle.

The AI computer vision and ultrasonic sensors help the driver to improve navigational safety. A gyroscope sensor enhances the driving efficiency of the driver, while a pulse sensor allows remote monitoring of the driver’s condition while he is driving. All data collected during the ride can be retrieved from the cloud database by the team for further analysis.

This multi-disciplinary project will be used in our school outreach programmes.



He Yingjie, Low Lee Ngo, Phyoe Kyaw Kyaw, Chua Bing Sheng, Dee Puay Hwa


Andri Wei Siang Waliyullah Bin Mat Zanes, Hazim Bin Wasis, Ian Pey Jun Jie, Lee Newton, Muhammad Afham Bin Mohamed Shahril, Ong Zi Weng, Ramar Ashwin


Diploma in Aerospace Electronics
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Diploma in Energy Systems & Management


Siemens Industry Software Pte Ltd