Smart Facility Management

Environment Sensing System

MSG Dashboard on DECADA Platform

Rising operating and energy costs, manpower constraints and growing service expectations are issues that facility management (FM) faces. Smart FM applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) to IoT technology to develop a Level 3 Smart FM system, optimising resource deployment and utilisation across systems or buildings.

This project’s smart FM system optimises an organisation’s energy usage and monitors office air quality to provide a healthy environment. The EEE office was used as a test bed.   

The developed system has the following features:

  • Live power data (voltage, frequency, current, power consumption, and accumulated energy) which is captured using developed portable MSG and automatically sent to a cloud (DECADA)
  • A flexible dashboard to present the live power data in DECADA 
  • Power consumption prediction ability with machine learning (ML) and real-time alert generation through AI
  • Bluetooth LE and/or WIFI transmission of data captured by environmental sensors
  • Visualisation of environmental data in DECADA
  • Monitoring of environmental data to pre-empt “Sick Building Syndrome”
  • A Wearable Device for the staff to indicate their current well-being by monitoring, in real-time, their oxygen level, temperature and heart rate
  • A 3-in-1 universal scanner for capturing facility and vendors’ information through barcode, QRcode, and IC or work pass for facility management.



Cai Zhi Qiang, Andy Ngai, Hui Wing Hong, Tan Chee Seng, Than Keng Hwa, Wang Huaqian, Chong Wee Tat


Altius Chua Wen Xiang, Chen Xinhu, Chua Wei Jun, Markus Ong Yong Jie, Mohamad Afiq Bin Mohamad Ali, Mohamad Asyraf Maricar, Ong Hong Yi Davin, Rusyaidi Bin Abdul Rashid, Samuel Chiang Zhi Yong, Tan Hui Shan, Tan Zheng Kang Linus


Diploma in Aerospace Electronics
Diploma in Computer Engineering
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Diploma in Energy Systems & Management


Omron Electronic Components Pte Ltd